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What is Aircon Off?
Aircon Off is a self-contained passive unit designed to automatically turn off (or switch to economy mode) air conditioning left running in unoccupied rooms. All models include Day/Night settings to prevent accidental switch offs when occupants are asleep.
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How does Aircon Off work?
Quite simply, Aircon Off will monitor a room to see if it’s being used; if it’s not occupied for a pre-determined time Aircon Off will automatically switch it off or if preferred switch it into economy mode.
Aircon Off Air Conditioning Sensor Controllers
If your air conditioning is being left on in empty rooms and is continually being run too hot or too cold, you are wasting significant amounts of power. With Aircon Off you can quickly regain control of your aircon usage and running costs.

All Aircon Off products are passive and are specifically designed to quickly and easily retrofit to both new and existing split system air conditioners. You can quickly and cost effectively upgrade any AC to be much more energy efficient, less likely to breakdown and to have a longer working life. 

Guaranteed to be compatible with all types, brands and models, from the oldest AC reverse cycle systems to the newest inverter units, Aircon Off devices produce very significant cost savings without sacrificing the comfort provided to users. 
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Easy To Fit, East to Set, Easy to Use
Save power, save energy and save money with the unique motion sensor controllers. Aircon Off units turn off the AC by emulating the "Off" signal of your AC remote controller, ensuring that the AC goes through its correct shut down procedure every time.
Aircon Off Benefits
  • Reduces air conditioning power and maintenance costs
  • Easy installation and multi-option set up to suit any location
  • Universally compatible with all remote controlled A/C units
  • Mains powered (110-240v) 
  • No conflict with Air-Conditioner warranty
  • Aircon Off is unaffected by fans, curtains etc.
  • Separate timing options for day and night
  • Tamper proof controls and connections, wireless sensors
  • European design, Japanese components, high quality construction
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Aircon Off for Commercial Use
Aircon Off has many applications and now successfully controls wastage and overuse of air conditioning within the holiday rental industry, hotels, offices, schools, medical centres, aged care facilities, staff accommodation (including mining camps), retail units and many more.

Click here to read the case study about the Aircon OFF Resort.

Do your guests and clients leave air-conditioning running when they go out?

This revolutionary product is a ‘must have’ for all holiday rental accommodation owners and operators. 
It is a well-known problem that guests both deliberately and unintentionally leave cooling or heating on when they leave a room, unit or house unoccupied. This obviously results in a huge waste of power and wears out expensive equipment, dramatically increasing electricity and maintenance costs. Global warming, spiralling energy costs or just the unnecessary strain on equipment are all valid reasons for ensuring that the air-conditioning facilities you provide for your clients or employees are controlled.

Reduce your air-conditioning electricity costs by over 50% in holiday rental situations & save thousands in maintenance.

It is important that users cannot alter settings. The Aircon Off is built to be tamperproof and as well as structurally secure, needs an input code to unlock the settings function.

Day Night Operation and Controlling Accidental Switch Offs

Aircon Off uses a range of unique functions to ensure that the AC is not turned off by mistake. When using passive IR technology to establish occupancy it can be difficult to establish movement at night when occupants are sleeping. By using a combination of light meters, door switches and advanced logic software, Aircon Off uses a series of strategies to prevent accidental switch offs in occupied rooms, even when occupants are asleep/immobile.

Door and Window Sensors

It has been established that one serious problem with AC overuse is associated with doors and windows being left open while AC units are operating.

 This obviously causes energy wastage. Aircon Off has wireless door and window sensors that will turn off the AC after a short period if monitored doors or windows are left open with the AC running.
Aircon Off Energy Saving Universal Smart Remotes
Aircon Off Smart Remotes are tamper-proof, energy saving remote controls. Guaranteed compatible with any air conditioner they are extremely simple to set and operate, significantly reducing costs by preventing uneconomic operation of the air conditioner and lowering total power consumed.
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  • Smart Remote PRO – The most advanced energy saving universal remote in the world
The PRO comes pre-set to an energy saving 21-30 degree range for Cooling and 17-23 degree range for Heating. During set up these ranges can be adjusted if required. The Pro also has a programmable Placebo Effect and also anti tamper features and an access code lock to protect owner settings. The Pro can also be supplied with required settings pre-set and permanently locked. Click here to read more about the Smart Remote Pro.
  • Smart Remote (Basic)
The Smart Remote comes pre-set with a 20-25 degree range for Cooling and Heating. Significantly reducing air conditioner running costs.
All owner settings are protected by anti-tamper features and an access code lock.
The Smart Remote Placebo Effect Explained
The Placebo Effect is a unique program feature that ensures that the user believes the air conditioner is operating without restrictions on its operating temperature range.

For example: In Cooling Mode with the Smart Remote Pro programmed with the minimum temperature of the Cool range set to 23 degrees and with the Placebo Effect set to 5 degrees. The user will see the display on the remote scroll all the way down to 18 degrees, with corresponding beeps from the AC. However, the AC will never actually operate lower than 23 degrees. The effect of this is to maintain economic comfort levels but prevent AC overuse without creating user complaints or negative feedback. 

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