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Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme - REES

The Saver Group has been active in the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) in South Australia since 2009. 

John Tilden heads up this business in South Australia and has had many years in the sustainability sector as a former National board member of the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA), along with holding Certificate 1V in Home Sustainability and Certificate 1V in Business Sustainability. As an active manager in the field, John has had a thorough grounding in the REES Scheme.

The Saver Group actively liaises with government bodies, namely ESCOSA, Energy Markets & Programs, and the Energy Ombudsman of South Australia and is well placed to speak to centres of influence at any time. We also have a good working relationship with Green Business Audit & Training who facilitate the REES certification and Sustainability training.
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the saver group energy products
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FREE Energy Audits
The Saver Group has a home energy audit team who are all accredited with Certificate IV in Home Sustainability, each assessor has a Police Clearance  and conduct in-house energy audits, checking power bills,  heating/cooling and appliances that may cause high energy bills.

This service is available to you under the South Australian REES scheme and is FREE of charge for all concession card holders.

The service also entails the FREE retrofitting of LED light globes, water saving showerheads and standby power controllers for entertainment systems.
If you have not had any of these activities before please call 1300 471 294 to make a booking for this very popular service.

Residential Lighting Solutions
The Saver Group offers all South Australian households the fantastic opportunity to replace your inefficient Halogen downlights with high quality LEDs. Supply and installation by qualified electricians is only $5.00 per LED. This cost refers to the replacement of non-dimmable halogen lamps; higher costs may be incurred if replacing halogens on dimmable circuits or on transformers that are not compatible with our LED lamps.

FREE Energy Efficient Products
The below products can be installed FREE of charge in all South Australian homes. This is a once only service, as long as you have not had this service performed at your address previously, you are eligible.

Your old globes and inefficient showerheads are removed from the premises and decommissioned.

  • We can install up to three water saving showerheads in your home.   
  • We can install up to 20 energy saving LED globes.    
  • We can install up to three standby power controllers for your TVs or computers.
Bradley Marshall
Regional Audit Team Manager

Bradley resides in the Barossa Valley and brings a wealth of experience to The Saver Group after 18 years in the building industry and having a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency over the last 7 years.

Bradley is an accredited Home Energy Auditor and delivers home energy audits along with Nathers '6 Star' energy ratings on new buildings and renovations/extensions, giving design advice to keep energy consumption to a minimum.

Under the REES scheme The Saver Group offers FREE home energy audits advising concession card holders on how to reduce their energy consumption and ultimately their carbon footprint.

Bradley's knowledge of the Barossa Valley and surrounding areas is second to none and his services are in high demand as energy price rises are now a fact of life.

Contact Bradley now on

Commercial Lighting Solutions
Under the REES scheme, there are incentives for businesses to upgrade to energy efficient lighting, where eligible businesses can have their fluorescent tubes and halogen downlights replaced with LEDs either subsided or in some cases at no cost. A change of government however, could mean the scheme no longer exists, so now is the time to take advantage of these incentives. 

We specialise in delivering efficient lighting services to the commercial sector. We assess existing lighting and supply information on benefits, energy savings and payback periods. We retrofit the lighting replacements and removal and decommissioning of old equipment. 

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We provide a full service lighting upgrade, with high quality Government approved lights, installed by qualified electricians.In order to determine if your business meets the criteria, we need to arrange a site inspection. 

This appointment typically takes 10 minutes and serves as a free no-obligation quote: if you're eligible for the free upgrade we can book you in with our electricians; if you're not eligible then there is no obligation to go ahead with our service.

For more information regarding the REES scheme, click here.

Geoff Spencer
Commercial Lighting Manager

Geoff brings to The Saver Group a passion for sustainable lifestyles and heads up The Saver Groups Commercial Lighting Team.  He has an extensive knowledge in passive design principles with an interest in renewable energy.  As a holder of Certificate IV in Sustainability and currently studying through university, he is well qualified to head up our team.

Geoff sees LED lighting and other emerging technologies as environmental and social responsibilities that will reduce energy consumption and operating costs while contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

He is available to visit your commercial property to evaluate the best LED lighting outcomes for your business under the REES Scheme.

Geoff and his team can provide the right solution and the most cost effective and energy saving LED lighting for your premises.

As energy bill shock is now a fact of life for all businesses throughout South Australia an important decision now will achieve energy savings which will show on your bottom line.

Contact Geoff now on

For a free quote on our reliable energy solutions in South Australia, 
call 1300 471 294 today.
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